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Butterfly is a Short Animation That I've been working on.

Length: 1 minute and 30 sec

​She was entering the new world with all her belongings and with all memories she had. Her journey consist a lot of stony ways which were hard to walk on. She was scared but the will to be strong was more powerful. She tried to hold to her old world because it was safe and familiar but The wind and the cycle of life was stronger than her power. However, she learned to let go. She embraced herself and was a new person. She understood that in the process of letting go, you might loose a lot of things from your past which you were holding to but you will find yourself, and  be a better version of yourself.

Naz & Lili is an animated reel that I've been working on and thanks to the Xperiential Team at Pixar for giving me the opportunity to learn how the big companies making stories and bring them to life, and explore more ideas and be more fearless about creating my own stories. Length: 2 minutes and 17 Sec. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lili who was living in a big noisy city. In this city, people were hard working and the adult had long forgotten the joys of life. Lilli was living in one old house between all of the apartments. One of those windows was Lili’s windows. Every day she sat alone behind the window hearing the cadence of children playing under the shade of a maple tree, drowning in her thoughts as she looked at the children and dreaming of a life where she could play with children. On some days she even dreamed of flying away into a world where she could be the child she wanted to be. As if angels hear her thoughts, One day a girl with braided hair, whose name was Naz came with a ball from the other side of the window. Naz asked her to come and play with them, not knowing that Lili wasn't allowed to leave the house. Lili’s parents loved her so much that They worked all day long to provide her with all the necessities(they think) she needed, without even considering what she actually needed to be happy, so they didn’t let her go outside or bring anyone inside the house when they were not around. Day after day She had to stay all alone until her parents came home and by then it was too late for her to go outside and play with other kids. This was heartbreaking for her. Because She thought she was forgotten and no one loves her, and she doesn't deserve to be loved. After Naz realized, Lili couldn't leave the house so, decided to play with her even though Lili was behind her window bars. Shortly while they were playing, the maple leafs were catching their eyes because suddenly they were shining like gold. They were amazed by such beauty. While their eyes were on the leaves, a leaf fell down on their hands and took them into mystical land! The magical power lets them travel and experience a new beginning. Because Each day their friendship grew stronger and Naz grew braver. Lili decided to snuck Naz into her home to show her only friend of hers, the green parrot that was in a cage and Lili’s only friend and companion before Naz came into her life. Soon, Naz realized that the parrot is Lili’s soul animal and both started playing with him. Lili’s parents figured out that she let Naz in the house and she got grounded for four days, neither allowed to open the window nor to play or talk to one another. Lili Didn’t need her parents to earn lots of money, she needed her parents to spend time with her and allow her to have friends. However, soon the days passed and the two friends reunited again. They started seeing each other every day and traveled together to their mystical land where they could escape from reality and play whatever they want and be whoever they want. Unfortunately, a day came when Lili disappeared and Naz couldn’t find her anymore. Days passed, and every day she came that maybe Lili would be at her window. However, Naz waited in vain! Days went by and Naz became curious and worried about her absence. Until one day she walked up to her friend’s house and found the door open, she entered the empty house and saw the parrot cage open with the parrot nowhere in sight. Approaching the backyard, the parrot was on a thin branch of a white oak tree under the beaming ray of the sun and she realized that Lili might not come back… Ever since that day although Naz was sad about her loss, she knew her companion was set free. The moral of the story is to love someone means to set them free and not to hold them in a cage. You should feel joy towards your friends or people you love. Even Though it means letting go of that person.

Behnaz Negahban

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